TAC comprises a representative from each school and a significant administrative department whose primary duties are to manage technical support within their unit.  The committee's ex officio members include the Chief Information Officer, directors of the operating units within Technology Services, and the Director of Technology Services for the VCU Health System.  The Chief Information Officer appoints members.


School of Allied Health Professions

Jeffrey Lodge

Director, Information Systems

School of the Arts

Robert Sandkam

Assistant Director, Technology Support

School of Business

Jason Chan

Manager, Technology Operations

School of Dentistry

Larvell Davis

 Director of Technology

School of Education

Pam Bebout Moorehead

Director of Information Technology Services (ITS)

School of Engineering

Anil Chatterji

Director, Information Technology

College of Humanities & Sciences

John Skaritza

Director, Technology and Computer Support

Graduate School

Rochelle Jordan

Coordinator of Strategic Analytics

School of Medicine

Wies Rafi 

2021-22 Chair

 Assistant Dean, Technology Services

School of Nursing

Predrag Stojanovic

 Applications Analyst

School of Pharmacy

Nicholas Langlie

Director, Academic Technology

School of Pharmacy Dean’s Office

Chris Garland

Senior IT Engineer

VCU Health Systems

Jason Alexander

Chief Information Security Officer

Academic Learning Transformations Labs

James Fowlkes

Director of Operations

Development and Alumni Relations

Rob Downs

Director of DAR Information Systems

Center for High-Performance Computing

Mike Davis

Technical Director

Massey Cancer Center

Bill McCormick

IT Desktop Specialist

Human Resources

Konjit Chitty

Director, HR Information Systems


James Ward

Director, Research Information Systems

Strategic Enrollment Management

Michael Flanigan

Director, Planning and Operations, Technology

Student Affairs

Michael Miller

Director, Information Technology

VCU Libraries

Thomas McNulty
2021-2022 Vice-Chair

Head, Enterprise and Desktop Systems

Academic Learning Transformation Lab

Jeff Everhardt

Interim Associate Director of Innovation

Office of the Provost  Rami Hatoum  IT Operations Administrator 



Technology Services

Alex Henson

Chief Information Officer

TS-Academic Technologies

Colleen Bishop

Director, Academic Technologies

TS-Administrative Systems

Marcus Mickle

Director, Administrative Systems

TS-Application Services

Jim Yucha

Deputy Director, Application Services

TS-Planning & Project Management Ofc

Hannah Steighner

Senior IT Consultant

TS-Computer Center



TS-Information Security

Dan Han

Chief Information Security Officer

TS-Network Services

Keith Deane

Director, Infrastructure Services

TS -Technology Support Services

Sam Kennedy

Director, Technology Support Services

TS-Planning and Project Management Ofc

Sean Mays

Information Technology Business Partner

TS Information Security

 Mayura Patel

 Deputy Director, Information Security

TS-Administrative Systems

Sean McGrath

Assistant Director, Infrastructure

TS-Application Services

Barry Lanneau

Acting Director of Administration

 Updated 12/6/21