TAC MINUTES:  Tuesday, 6 October 2020

Approval of September Minutes (M. Davis, 1 min)


Upon motion made and seconded, the September Minutes are approved as presented.



Old Business 

  • Information Security Baseline Review 


Upon motion made and seconded, the Apple macOS baseline is approved as presented.

At the present time, the Apache HTTP Server is deployed in a wide variety of university services and applications.  Standardization of this platform is essential to business and continuity planning, and will help to ensure compliance with relevant laws and policies.  TAC members were asked to review the baseline presented and provide comments/feedback.

This document is to be used as the guiding procedures for the secure configuration of Transport Layer Security for websites (HTTPS configuration). This document serves as a general guideline to encryption configuration for web server platforms.  Identified vulnerabilities should be remediated or appropriately addressed before the next quarterly scan.  TAC members were asked to review the baseline presented and provide comments/feedback.

  • Reminder - Vulnerability Remediation Expectations


      • Q3 2020 scan set for evening of October 28



New Business


We are moving forward with this project, with licenses being added continually thru 1 November.   G-Suite Enterprise will allow us to migrate students to the same domain as employees, which will make other processes easier.  The goal is to complete a full migration by Fall 2021.



TS Updates

This list is being shared to raise awareness.  If you know of any software supported by any of these companies, they will need to be addressed as theFCC has identified them as national security threats. We need to ensure we are not working with these companies.



Other Business

  • ITCC Career Community


Warren Mays and Katie Shedden of the ITCC leadership team provided an update on the group’s activities.  Of particular note are the upcoming Lunch-n-Learn sessions on Disaster Recovery and the Blackboard to Canvas transition.  Many more are planned.  Please contact the ITCC leadership at itcc_leadership@vcu.edu for further details.

    • GPU Resources at VCU  

    Anyone with these resources is asked to pass this information on to Mike Davis; there is an opportunity for an NSF grant and we need to first determine what we have and what we do not.